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Slim, discreet and stylish, Oxy Charge is a go-to portable oxygen solution in a can, for people with active and healthy lifestyles. Available in natural aromatic flavors, Oxy Charge is a revolutionary way to get a quick energy boost anywhere at anytime. Oxy Charge provides Pure Natural Oxygen at nearly four times the concentration found in unpolluted air. Fitness & Sports Increases Stamina, Endurance and Control, Prevents Lactic Acid Buildup, Reduces Muscle Cramping and Fatigue. Trekking & Pilgrimage No # 1 Therapy for Altitude Sickness, Reduces Shortness of Breath, Head-ache and Motion Sickness. Work & Parties Increases Alertness, Memory and Judgement, Enhances Alcohol Break-down, Diminishes effects of Hang-over. Pollution & Travel Clears-off CO / CO2 / NOx from blood Reduces effects of Jet Lag & Insomnia, Instantly Increases Blood O2 conc.